Over the next 2-3 weeks, this organization is going to have some very tough calls to make in regards to the bullpen. Eddie Guardado would seem like he's not far away, assuming all goes well with his rehab and Todd Coffey has pitched well so far for the Bats down in Louisville. You wouldn't think he's going to be down there too much longer.

Here is the way the bullpen is constructed right now (I'll leave Livingston out of the picture):

Jarrod Burton
Jon Coutlangus
Gary Majewski
Brad Salmon
Victor Santos
Mike Stanton
David Weathers

Weathers and Majewski are guarenteed safe. It's possible that any one out of the remaining group of five could be on the hot seat when Guardado and Coffey are ready to go (and let's not forget Bill Bray).

All have pitched well at times, all have pitched poorly at times. You'd think Santos will be kept as the long man and Stanton will be kept because of his contract situation (and honestly, he's not pitched that badly of late). You'd think Burton's safe because of his Rule 5 status. That leaves Coutlangus and Salmon (a righty and lefty), both of whom have pitched pretty well. Will it come down to a numbers game? Will it come down to who has options and who doesn't despite performance?

What do you do?

And please try and keep ideas/thoughts realistic. Chances are Mike Stanton is not going to be DFA'd, like I'm sure most are going to call for.

It's going to be an interesting next week or two.