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If Eddie Guardado is ready to go, I have no problems optioning Coutlangus to AAA to make room for him. He is the major league team's closer. You have to make room for him no matter how hard the decision.

When Coffey is ready to roll, I don't have a problem optioning Salmon, either. You have to have your best players on the major league team and although Salmon is a good relief pitcher, I believe Cofffey, when right, is better.

When Bray is ready to come off the DL, then you can look at possibly trading or DFA'ing Staton, IMO, as I do think Bray in for Stanton would further improve the bullpen.
Coutalangus could go, but he's the best lefty we have. He does have the option though. I'd like to see a trade of a vet. I love Stormy, but if he has trade value it might not be a bad idea.