Some highly rated player will fall because of salary demands or Boras factor. If this ownership is true to its word, and I hope they are, the Reds cannot skimp on its high draft choices this year. The team has underperformed; it didn't spend big in the off-season; the minor league system is the hope of the organization,

Reds have a number of high picks this year. They should go for the top available prospects. Fans are tired of compromise selections. Not saying any particular one was a compromise -- but we all know that, in the past, some have been.

This off-season, I was hoping for another Harang/Arroyo type pitcher. Didn't happen. Owner says team not ready to spend on major free agents. Was very disheartened watching Lincecum the other night. Another electric arm passed by in the draft -- financial reasons again?

Team needs to go for it in the draft.