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maybe, but I would first offer Dunn a four year deal at 13mil per, just to see if he might be willing to take a hometown discount.

With Grif, Hatteberg, Milton and Lohse coming off the books, and every position except C (including the top 3 rotation spots) locked up cheaply for the next 3-4 years, I would give him that kind of money. Everyone wants payflex, but then we should do something with that money once we have it. I know Homer, EE, BP, Hamilton, Votto, and Bruce will eventually be arb-eligible, but thats at least two more years away before they even make over a mil. No one around here advocates signing any big name FA pitcher to these monstrous five year $100 million contracts they're giving out these days (a la Zito, Zambrano, etc.) so who exactly are we going to pay? Gil Meche for $55 million anyone? Now that AH and BA are signed over the next four years, if anyone is gonna make $13 mil per it should be Dunn.
I dont think that he would take 13 million per considering thats how much he is set to make next year. I may be wrong, but I just don't see that. I also don't think if anyone should be making 13 million per that it is Dunn. He is all offense and no defense. Some teams can afford to pay guys that, but I dont think the Reds can. His defense is so bad it takes away from what his bat does put up for the Reds.