Agreed, no way do I do Dunn for Salty straight up. I say trade Griff (with 1/2 of his salary paid) along with Cueto and maybe another piece (no Votto or Wood though). Maybe Lohse, Hatteberg, or Conine could be that other piece.

If the Braves want more or younger guys, I'd offer Stubbs, Cueto and Wood, but that's it- no mas.

I would then offer Dunn a 4-year $55 million deal to see if he bites. If not, I'd start thinking about what return I could get for him at the deadline. One final question- I know it has been said that his deal would get voided if he is traded this season. What if he is traded after this season (and once his option gets picked up.) Is he then tied to that team for one year at $13 MM? Would he be more attractive in a trade like that or as a 4-month rental this year? These are questions the Reds need to be thinking about in case he wont take the $55 MM deal.