In December 2006, I was lucky enough to run across a 20GB Playstation 3. Since then, I've been enamoured with the PS3 Blu-Ray picture quality on my 32-inch LCD TV. I'm watching Deja Vu as I'm typing and the PQ is ridiculous with a properly calibrated LCD TV. You notice things you can't see with a DVD on an SD set. Considering the "Trojan Horse" effect from each PS3 also being the least expensive Blu-Ray player on the market, I went "all-in" on the tech and I haven't been let down considering that Blu-Ray is currently outselling HD-DVD by a huge margain.

The games have been so-so and I own only Resistance: Fall of Man and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Both look fantasic on the PS3 as do the PS2 games I missed by never buying a PS2 (God of War 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus, etc). Those PS2 games looked great to begin with, but due to a PS3 firmware update, they now upscale (as do regular DVDs). The Playstation Network is in it's infancy, but I've already been able to download and play Wipeout and MediEvil. The system is also backwards-compatible, meaning that I don't have to sell Final Fantasy VII (PS1) yet, nor my Metal Gear Solid, nor my Resident Evil collection. Color me impressed.

Via the latest update, I'm also able to connect to my PC media wirelessly in order to play songs and watch videos stored on my computer, but I digress...

I also picked up a Nintendo DS Lite on the cheap at Sam's Club. I've finished "Hotel Dusk, Room 215" (a fabulous game) and have a bunch of other games I haven't even started yet; including Metroid Prime Hunters, Trace Memory, Phoenix Wright- Ace Attorney (1 and 2), etc. I'll be picking up the web browser attachment next week. It's a great system and I was able to effortlessly connect via my wireless internet to play Metroid Prime Hunters against players all over the world.

My questions are:

1. What system do you have (both console and handheld)?
2. What games do you enjoy?
3. What else do you do with the system?