To rip off the enjoyable "dumbest rules" thread, are there any "rules" that people like?

I think the 90 feet between bases works out well. The whole dimensions of the infield just seem to be perfect to me.

At the same time, I like that outfields are not all the same. Some of the "angles" in some fields may be too cutesy, but I like that some of the distances are different, walls are taller, etc. It makes each field a bit more unique. Perhaps this contradicts my first point a bit, but I still feel this way.

I like having umpires at every base. It would be easy to only have 3 umps per crew (imagine the cost savings on salary, benefits, travel, etc.) but this is a professional league and at least this way of doing things is professional (though the quality of some umps is, of course, questionable.)

No instant replay. I guess it would be OK in some situations (fair/foul, safe/out), but I prefer the game to be played & officiated by humans, even if that means errors occur. I also like seeing some good arguments between players/managers & umpires. It's probably not a good example of sportsmanship to show the kids, but I think it's another "human" element of the game. You occasionally see football coaches have brief arguments, and basketball coaches go crazy at times, but a good ole baseball argument is often fun to watch. (I also like that no instant replay means no delays for the replay to take place. With as much emphasis as they try to place on speed of play, yet with so many commercials going on, adding replay would probably just cause another rule change in some other area to save time, while keeping the commercials.)

Any other thoughts on some rules (kind of how rules was used in the other thread) that people especially like about this sport?