Oh boy...

15. Reds Kevin Ahrens SS/3B Memorial HS, Houston
Bit of a reach here in my mind, but the Reds have zeroed in on Ahrens for a while now, and it sounds like they'll take him unless someone like Dominguez or Parker drops. They have some interest in Nick Schmidt as well, so if Seattle takes Weathers, Cincy may move there.
Oh by the way, this is with Wieters on the board.

A few other tidbits about Cincy's sandwich pick:

There's more than enough uncertainty to go around with the picks above, but some possibilities in the sandwich round include:
Wendell Fairley, Chris Carpenter or Nevin Griffith to the Reds at 34.
Stay away from this guy Fairley. He actually projects him going at 29, but here's his write-up.

29. Giants Wendell Fairley OF/RHP George County, Lucedale HS, Miss.
Fairley is one of the more interesting stories in the draft. He's a top-15 guy on raw ability as a hitter and is also a prospect as a pitcher (although he's more of a thrower right now), but he has a rough background and has had a litany of off-field issues, including a hazing incident on the team bus and a potentially more serious incident that's still under investigation. He's not Elijah Dukes, but in an era when the behavior of pro athletes is under a microscope, it's enough to push him down 10-15 spots or more to the Giants' pick here or at 32.