Chance to win a couple hundred bucks for free. I'm not going to lie, the team is in 2nd to last and has had a pretty bad owner so far. That is the reason I am dropping him.

This is the first year for our dynasty league, and I'm looking for owners that will be committed to having competetive teams year in and year out. The buy in for next year will be 60 dollars.

Here is the roster you will have to work with. It isn't impossible, and everyone else in the league is willing to listen to trade offers.

R Paulino
M Piazza
J Loney
A Gonzalez
J Kent
T Glaus
I Stewart
H Ramirez
C C. Hart
A Soriano
C B. Young
B Abreu
G Atkins
P Burrell
C Duncan
C Rasmus
Jermaine Dye
D Johnson
E Bedard
P Hughes
J Blanton
D Bush
L Hernandez
J Shields
B Erbe
J Moyer
T Hoffman
R Dempster
S Torres
T Gordon