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Taking a pitcher with the projection of Tim Lincecum was absolutely working on the plus side of probability. And the guy is 5'11". It's two inches shorter than Bob Gibson and one inch shorter than Mario Soto. As overused as the term "electric arm" is, Lincecum has one. Weaver is tall but also has an unorthodox delivery. You discounted Weaver because of his delivery. Now you're talking about signability even though the Reds have worked with Weaver's agent (as have all MLB teams) pretty consistently.

Lincecum (aka "Tiny Tim" as you call him in an effort to debase) is too short and slight of frame. You've previously claimed that Weaver is destined to fail because of bad mechanics. But Bailey's gonna be an ace because he's tall (yet, he's sleight of frame) and throws a baseball harder than he actually throws a baseball and we should all wait and see on Drew Stubbs because his toe injury has demonstrably affected his hitting even though it obviously hasn't affected his running.

Sorry, doug, but I'm not buying any of that.
Steel, for some reason you really just push the right buttons that make me respond.

We will simply just have to disagree that taking a short, absolutely skinny pitcher was or was not on the good side of probability.

Lincecum is a very good pitcher. Nowhere have I ever said anything otherwise in terms of his pitching ability.

Weaver does have bad mechanics.

I didn't dub him Tiny Tim. I have seen it quite a few other places. It wasn't something I just made up to debase anything. It was a nickname I saw and well it surely fits the bill. If I stood next to the guy we would look almost exactly the same (23 years old, 5'10, 165 lbs).... well at least from a distance.

I would love for you to show me where I, or anyone for that matter has said Bailey is going to be an ace because he is tall. My best friend is the same height as Homer. He isn't going to be an ace... heck, I can destroy the baseball off of him. I don't think I have said that Bailey throws a baseball harder than he throws. Bailey is 6'4 and 205 pounds.... thats not really in the same place as 5'10 and 160 pounds. Thats an extra 45 pounds spread out over 6 inches.

As for Stubbs toe, if you don't think his toe injury hasn't affected his running game, then you either have a lot of faith in the MWL catchers that throw him out a lot, or you are just trying to go against the possibility that Drew is having some struggles at the plate because of an injury.

Also, edabbs. Your comment about Cueto was noted. Cueto is 5'10 and 198 pounds. Lincecum is 5'10 and 170 pounds. They may be the same height, but in terms of size, they aren't really comparable.