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Point taken, but why have a problem with me for having more patience than you do. Do you believe that I must be ignorant because I cannot see he should be doing better coming out of 4 yrs of college and still after a year hasn't advanced beyond low A ball. I'm not blind to the possibility that he may not ever hit well enough to be a starting major league CF. I just choose to remain optimistic that he will, that's who I am an optimist you are obviously a natural pessimist. So I suggest we quit trying to play mother nature and respect the other's born nature.
You can infer what you like, but the fact of the matter is that I wouldn't be involved in a discussion with you if I thought you ignorant. And my "nature" isn't to play the pessimist. Heck, I've tried to tell ORG that the Reds actually do have a potential window over the next couple of years if they play their cards right.

"Mother nature", for me, is "show me"; especially when a prospect had concerns about his bat when drafted and continues to have concerns about his bat while behaving in a way (high frequency of SB attempts, "gliding" in the OF) that runs contrary to reasoning that excuses the lack of a bat.

doug says there's no "clock" at age 22. I can assure you that when you're dealing with a college prospect at #8 in the draft, there is a projected clock or that player wouldn't have been drafted. Expectations are high, and they should be high for a college player taken in the top 10 in the draft.

BTW, as much random griping about Strikeouts that we see, it's not likely to stop with Drew Stubbs. The guy has struck out more than all but three MLB hitters and his AB/K rate would also rank third in MLB. Unfortunately, his power output (.133 IsoP) is below average. What the Reds have so far is a guy who might just strike out about 165-170 times a season and maybe more. I'm sure that'll play very well in the land of public opinion. Put that in the OF along with Jay Bruce's projected 150-odd K's and we're likely to see a Marty Brennaman meltdown of epic proportion. It'll be funny.