Sorry if this has been posted already. I looked and didn't see anything.

Due to our better-than-expected 2006 season, we are picking 15th in the draft this year. Hopefully Krivsky doesn't make a bad pick like last year with Drew Stubbs. For as terrible as Dan O'Brien was overall, he was pretty good with the draft getting us Bailey in '04 and then Bruce in '05.

The Reds also have two sandwich picks (between the first and second rounds) for losing Aurilia and Schoenweis. Yes, I was as shocked as you. We actually get a sandwich pick for losing Schoenweis??? Yes we do.

With our first four picks (first round, 2 sandwich, second round) I would take three pitchers and a catcher. Or maybe two pitchers, a catcher and a power-hitting right-handed hitter -- either a third baseman or outfielder.