Went to Mondays Bats game in Durham, beautiful day for a ball game, and a fun game, not a large crowd after it was announced that Hamilton had already left, which made it that much nicer. What do you guys know about Lopez at short, he made a few decent plays, good range plays. Ryan Jorgensen became a fan favorite in our section, he was hitting on the bud girl, sent her a baseball stating he loved her, and they ended up having a conversation back and forth through a kid who delivered the balls back and forth-Ryan gave him balls, balls signed by Homer, etc to be his "pimp". Funniest point was when Ryan was walking back out to the bullpen, a guy near me told him the bud girl has 3 kids, Ryan looked at him, laughed, and pelied "so, I probably do too", and then called him a co__blocker I got to meet the entire team after the game and got a bat signed by the whole team, they were very friendly this time, including Votto. I spoke with Bailey for a moment, and he said he fond out he was going to Cincy this weekend when his dad called him that morning from his seat on the throne .