Issue #1:

Anyone seen an estimate of the Reds' draft budget this year? If so, has the club budgeted properly for the extra supplemental picks? If the recent past is any indicator, the Reds have targeted "signability" picks in those years they have had the extra picks. I'm fearful we're headed for a few take-it-or-leave-it offers (a la Schramek), or a total punt of one of the picks (a la Sowers).

Issue #2:

According to Jax's web site, the Reds have 39 guys on the 40-man roster. Any chance of giving a polished and MLB-ready player (like Wieters) a major-league contract, if he drops to #15?

In general, I think the 40-man for draft picks is a bad idea (Sardinha and Espinosa prove why). But in those years with a vacant 40-man slot and a limited budget per each player drafted, and a polished player falls in your lap. . . Well, that might be a good resolution to the draft conundrum.

Is this why the Reds haven't filled the final 40-man slot--to give them flexibility in the draft?