I'm in a 12-team league with the following stats on offense: 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, R, SB, BB, OPS, BA. Each season, we keep three players on our roster for the next year. My team is slumping badly, and I just made a few crazy trades that left my pitching staff in a shambles in order to acquire the following fearsome foursome:

Albert Pujols
Ryan Howard
David Wright
Carl Crawford

Albert is staying on my team, obviously, which means I have to choose two of the other three. I'm leaning towards holding onto Crawford just because he gets so many SB and 3B and is a good complement to Pujols' power. The Howard/Wright choice might be really hard though. They are both having off years so far, but they are also both top-10 players when going well. Wright is probably more well-rounded, but Howard has that ability to just go off and dominate all the categories once in awhile. Then again, I could drop Crawford and keep both of them. OF, after all, is a much deeper position than either 1B or 3B...

I'm really torn.

Which ones would you choose and why?