A home run is not a rally killer, it's a rally accelerator.

The consequences of Juan Castro batting second were not what we expected.

It's amazing they could even finish the game with all those dead rallies littering the field.

Jerry Narron is like the pitcher who is taken out of the game after the bases are loaded on bloops and errors. It's not his fault he's in this mess, but he's not good enough to get out of it.

It's troubling that the worst team in baseball is better than I've ever been.

Those who say we root for laundry should read the Reds game in person from the '40s thread.

What would the Reds record be if Wayne Krivsky really was rebuilding the farm system instead of trying to win now at the major league level?

Bob Castellini must be taking part in some sort of sleep-deprivation experiment.

Someday all you young guys will meet somebody who wasn't alive when Homer Bailey first pitched in the majors.

If you were the manager, what moves would you make that RedsZone would bash you for?