In early 2005, in his first year with the Reds, David Weathers struggled out of the gate. He turned it on in late May and has been strong for the Reds since.
In 2005
April 4.50 era
May 5.02 era
June 2.25 era
Year 3.94 era 15 saves

So far Mike Stanton has has a similar tough going early.
April 4.91 era
May 5.56 era
June 1.50 era

Since May 13, he has thrown 13.2 innings and given up only 2 earned runs. If you were to remove his two worst outings his era would be only 2.25. (I know you can't but it is a fun thing to do) His DIPS ERA is only 3.45 which would also indicate that he is underperforming. I know era is not the best indicator of performance for a reliever but I thought that the similarity gives hope that Stanton's recent success will continue.

Weathers 2005 game log

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