I agree that it will level the playing field to some degree and it should make the northern schools more competitive. The March 1 date won't relieve the scheduling pressure Northern Schools have, it will just make the southern schools cram more games into a shorter amount of time. That will cause the southern schools to carry more pitchers and fewer position players. That is where I believe the field gets leveled the most. The northern schools (especially the snow belt states, not sure if Oregon fits into that catagory) will still have to travel south early in March so while there is some relief they will be still challenged scholastically. Finally, the biggest advantage the southern schools will still have is they can practice outside on grass just about all year around while the northern schools have to practice indoors; in batting cages and if their lucky enough to have a prominent football program they might get to use the indoor football facility for some fielding practice. not hardly the same.

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From what I understand the NCAA will not allow any team to start before March 1 next year. If I had to guess its going to make things more equal and not force the northern schools to cram so many games in such a short period of time, as opposed to the southern schools who have more days to work with because of the warm weather . No doubt it will be better for college baseball to balance out the field and not have the schools in the warm states win the title year in and year out.