Well its only June but why not think ahead and see what things we can do in the offseason to improve. From what I see these are the contracts we will be losing barring any trades:
---all this is @21million and IMHO these are the guys we should be shopping around the league right now, granted the returns will be small, but warm bodies are better than nothing, sometimes one of them could be a diamond in the rough!

Secondly:with that 21 million these are the positions that need to be upgraded:
2)#5 starter
----Of that 21 million these are some guys that could fit into our plans come 2008, these are my targets:

1)Livan Hernandez-this guy gives you innings, has been a bulldog over the course of his career and would fill out the back end of anyone's rotation. Good solid starter, not spectacular, but solid. (7 million per season)

2)Octavio Dotel-injured the past few years, but is another solid guy in the pen. Could be a closer/set-up guy, and is finally healthy in KC. He throws hard and would be a major bonus to our late inning meltdowns.(4 million per season)

3)Bobby Kielty-Switch hitting outfielder who is better suited to playing @120 games a year...think 4th outfielder. He would solidify our bench and give us flexability in late innings as a pinch hitter.(2 million per season)

4)Moeller-why waste $$ on a catcher when their are so few good hitting ones anyways and we are already on the hook with Ross. We should focus on being solid defensively behind the plate and Moeller is just that....a good defensive guy with low offensive numbers.(700k per season)

5)Phillips-we need to sign him to an extention with some security towards the future while we can extend him more cheaply. He is a solid youngster on the rise, and we would be foolish not to secure the middle infield for the future.

Now bear in mind these were moves that can be done with the $$$ saved by players heading into FA, none of them involved any trades being forseen. On that note I would trade anybody not named:
Harang/Arroyo/Belisle/Bailey/phillips/Gonzo/EE/Hamilton-these guys are our future and we cannot afford to lose them, everyone else is fair game.