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The problem is you can't get a concensus.(sp) I don't want him gone, but for the right deal I might. Trading him just to trade him for crap would make me as a fan not go to the ballpark. Now, I'm a huge fan and would watch on tv, but well - you get the point.

You're never going to know what all Reds Fans believe but just like in political polls and television ratings, a sample size will have to do. Based on that I think there clearly seems to be a consensus to trade him. I don't think it's 90-10 or 51-49 but it does seem that there is a strong urge to trade him. I'm not talking about those who would trade him only if there was a good sized return for him. I'm talking about the people who feel his negatives outweigh his positives. Some may feel stronger than others and some may want more for him than others but they feel that he should be traded.

I could be wrong but let's just say I am right and there does seem to be a consensus to trade Dunn. My question is since the fans spend their hard earned money to watch the Reds play, and if most of them feel Dunn should be traded, should Wayne do what the fans want and trade him for the best deal he can get? Is he obligated to trade Dunn if that is what the fans clearly desire? I say no but do others feel he should?