I have been doing a lot of reading on several different sites throughout webland. It seems to me that the majority of opinions on Dunn have changed vastly over the last several months. Some examples:

being a reds fan I am glad to see this guy thinks there are a lot of suitors for Dunn. Most reds fans are sick and tired of Adam Dunn. If you watch a game on TV or go to a game the boos' get louder and louder everytime he strikes out. I can not way till this guy it out of Cincy. People talk about his power, He plays in our friendly GABP. Shoot even Phillips and Gonzo are on pace for around 30 HR's this year for crying out loud. I can not wait until he is shipped out.

the only way we get anything for dunn is to trade him to the state of califonia..put him on a big platform and let him swing away and power the wind machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's just face it. We're stuck with Dunng for the rest of the year and these idiots obviously love him so I'm sure they will give him 13 mil for next year and probably sign him to another 4 year deal. Thanks WK and the Castileni brothers, thanks alot.
swing at pitches that are that low , almost in the dirt , then strike out out looking at the picth right down the middle? very Frustrating . Personally, IMO he can leave and take his strikeouts and horrible fielding with him . GO REDS!!
Obviously these are some of the worst but not many opinions online that were really complementing him. Do you feel this Anti-Dunnism is a general consensus among Reds fans.