Hey folks;
I was at my parents' today for an early Father's Day celebration, and as usual, the talk between my dad and I turned to baseball.
Being born in Dayton in 1935, he had a lot of opportunities to watch some old-time baseball, including some minor league Dayton games played before Homer Bailey's parents were born.
He remembers going to a few games of the Dayton Ducks when he was a small child - they were around in the late '30s and early '40s. He also remembers going to a few games when they were the Indians (late '40s and early '50s).
He also remembers going to a few games in Indiana.
Amongst players he watched before they made it to the biggies: Minnie Minosa, Ryan Duren, Pete Rose and Tony Perez.
He is not completely sure, but he seems to remember seeing Minosa, Rose and Perez all play in Dayton (they may not have been with the Dayton teams, simply visiting). Minosa fits very well into the time line. However, I can find no record of a Dayton team playing in the 1960s at Baseball Reference. Can anyone confirm a Dayton team in the '60s (it very could have been a pro-am team).
In addition, the information I am finding out about the Ducks is limited. I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about the team, or where I could find some information (A quick Google search has turned up minimal). Some pictures would be spectacular.
Thanks very much, folks.