Ok.. here's my annual attempt to make a realistic deadline trade proposal. Would you do this one:

Reds trade to Cleveland: Harang, Weathers.

Indians give back: Sowers, Brian Barton (http://indians.scout.com/2/557055.html), Andy Marte, and Chuck Lofgren.

Why it works for Cleveland Cleveland gets a front line starter and bullpen help. Harang turns that team into a monster. Sure, they are paying a steep price, but Harang is probably better than the disappointing Sowers will ever be, and the Indians time to compete is now, with Hafner and Sabathia close to Free Agency (I think this is their last year). They might balk at giving up both Sowers and Lofgren. Any other suggestions from someone who knows the Indians better than I do?

Why it works for Cincy: The Reds have plenty of time to let Sowers mature in a low pressure situation. Hopefully he becomes an ace like Harang.

Barton is an amazingly athletic CF who has shown good OBP skills at AA.

Marte is a former blue chip prospect that has fallen out of favor with Clevelend, who may do better with a change of scenery. Even though the Reds really don't need another 3b, he might be an easy player to get Cleveland to add. Cincy has time to let him develop.

Lofgren is the Indian's second best prospect. He entered the year as one of the top lefty pitching prospects in the game. He's at AAA now at 21 years old.

Summary Harang is the Reds best asset. It would be a shame to see him go, but he's probably the only player that could be traded to give this team a shot of notable talent. I question whether Dunn and Jr are going to be worth much on the market. We probably finish at or near the basement for the next 3 years with or without Harang, sadly...