I was checking in on the DSL Reds and found these two guys.

Juan Aquino
born - 12/27/87
He has allowed 3 hits and 0 walks in 15 innings while striking out 18 batters. He is a 6'1 175 lbs RHP. This is his first season as a pro, he was signed last October.

Rafael De La Rosa
born - 5/12/88
He has allowed 6 hits and 2 walks in 18 innings while striking out 20 batters. Last season he struck out 14 in 12 innings in the DSL as an 18 year old.

Also just wanted to note that Jose Marizan began the season with the DSL Reds and has already made his way as a 19 year old to the GCL Reds this season. I wonder if the same fate could come about for these two if they keep performing at these levels.