Yesterday Hopper was scratched last minute, Griffey moved from DH to RF and Valentin got the DH spot.

Why, Jerry Narron?

Lie: "I had a couple of different lineups," Reds manager Jerry Narron said. "One was posted ... I wanted to get Javy some at-bats at DH. Nothing was wrong with Hop."

Truth: "Because Ken Griffey Jr. told me so.:"

("I was slotted in the DH spot," Griffey said. "I talked to Jerry. I wanted to go out there because it wouldn't be fair to the people of Seattle to just have me DH.
"That was it.")

I'm not saying I don't like the switch. But if Griffey is making the lineups, then why does Narron even have a job? I like the way he squirmed around the question too... I'm surprised he didn't option EE to Louisville as a result.