I was just wondering if Josh Hamilton will be a starting outfielder in the future. Reds' management seems to be pretty high on him, but another outfielder prospect or a player gotten in a trade could make him a backup outfielder. He has played pretty well and has lots of talent, but he may also never reach the potential that I and many others believe he will reach. I was the one who started a thread about Hamilton replacing Dunn in left field, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. He will probably be a starting outfielder for the next couple of years. Griffey is close to retirement and Dunn has a small chance of being traded. However, I am unsure at this point whether he will be the next Griffey in the Reds outfield, or just another Brady Clark. I suppose time will tell, but he has definitely cooled of from his hot months in March and April.