It's easy to say it now, and I used to defend the man, but it's pretty clear Jim Bowden struggled at best during his time with the Reds when it came to the MLB draft. 1998 looked great for a while with Kearns and Dunn, but that was Bowden's best draft by far and even that one isn't great when you look back on it now.

I wonder if Bowden just had bad luck (injuries to Howington and Gruler, etc.) or if he was truly the most incompetent GM in the history of baseball when it came to the draft. Maybe it's a combination, but I tend to think it's the latter. Dan O'Brien (who was a disaster overall) was here for just two years and he's ALREADY produced much better prospects than Bowden did during his full decade with the team.

Not only did Bowden miss on most of his first-round picks, he didn't find many hidden gems in the later rounds.

(Not to mention those skanks he used to bring to Dodger games.)