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I'm starting to get disgusted with Drew Stubbs' non-existent offensive game. I'm a firm believer in the notion that an organization needs to identify the true keepers in its system and deal the others while their value is high. Stubbs has made an excellent for him not being a keeper.

So that brings me to dealing him while his value is high. If he continues to play like he is right now, it's unlikely he'll have any value. He's been on a forced downhill march since entering the minors.

Even if he recovers in Dayton during the final two months of the minor league season, his current .689 OPS pretty much guarantees that his 2007 numbers at that level will win up looking awfully unimpressive.

So why not send him to a new level? Pitchers in the FSL won't have much of a book on him, so he might be able to thrive there for a short time and put together a respectable close to his season. The Reds can claim he was wasn't being challenged enough and with his tools package and pedigree you might find some other teams more interested him during the offseason if he can do something productive with his stick for a short spell at a higher level.

It could completely backfire. He could collapse, but what do you really have to lose? I say you treat him like a major prospect, move him up and hope he does enough to create some market value for this winter.
Heck, if you're going to do that why wouldn't you just send him to AA which is at least a bit more of a friendly enviroment for hitters. His ISOD is respectable, so he may hold his own (respectively, of course) there as much as he would in the FSL. Its a risky proposition regardless, in that if he continues to have a bad season it basically destroys any hope of getting something out of him in a trade, throw in or not. It also could destroy what little confidence he may have left in his hitting ability (or lack there of). If he stays in Dayton and he continues his path, he may not get much by himself, but he could be an interesting throw in to some teams in order to get a better player.