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If Dunn does what he is doing for a contending team right now they go on a 10 game win streak. This streak he is on can absolutly carry a good club. Every player in a full year will hit their peaks and valleys. But there are only a handful of players who can do what Dunn has done over the past weeks. You can dislike his defense (his zone ratings aren't as bad as people think) you can dislike his strikeouts, or dislike what you think his attitude is, but when you boil it down he is a very very productive player. If he is traded they need to get a lot in return. I remember when the LAA said that Krivsky was asking for too much in the Dunn talks but ask LAA if Dunn does what he is doing now in the playoffs how a WS Title would feel.
Minus a 4 game stretch in the middle of the month, Dunn has batted .228 (15-66) with 4 hr for June.