BA saying that Cincy has been linked to a pitcher from Australia by the name of Trent Baker. Said he will command a hefty signing bonus. A few other teams were linked to Baker as well. Here is his profile.

Trent Baker

Nickname: Bakes
Sport: Baseball
Position: Pitcher, Outfield
Date of birth: 14/06/90
Place of birth: Brisbane, Australia
Place of residence: Brisbane, Australia
Age started competing: 8 years
First time awarded a QAS scholarship: 2006
Occupation: Student
How you became involved in the sport: Went to sign on to start playing soccer, but it wasn't the season so they recommended cricket or baseball and I chose baseball. Thank God!

Representative History
Personal best: QAS Scholarship
Years of state junior representation: 3 state schoolboys and 2 Queensland Rams
Highest result achieved in sporting career: Going to the Australian Academy Program

Personal Information
Career high: Beating NSW in extra innings after being down 9 runs, homerun in 1st at bat in A Grade
Career low: Not being named i the Under-14 State Team
Greatest sporting influence: Boston winning the World Series
Sportsperson most admired: Johan Santana and Andruw Jones
Short term goals: To be named for Australian Academy, Australian Schoolboys Team
Long term goals: Sign a professional contract, represent Australia
Advice for young athletes: Never stop working, if you get set back, come back next time and prove to that person that you should be there. A wise man once told me champions are made when no-ones watching
Hobbies and interests: Playing sport, eating, going to the gym, body boarding, partying
Strengths: Being very competative at the things I love to do
Weaknesses: Coping with failure
Likes: Competition, winning, the feeling after a hard training session
Dislikes: Losing and playing bad
Favourite foods: Spag Bol, Mum's chicken curry, chicken lettuce and mayo rolls, Noodle Box!
Favourite drinks: Chocolate thick shakes and orange juice
Favourite TV show: The O.C
Favourite movie: Fight Club
Favourite song: Cigarettes will kill you - Ben Lee
Favourite band: The Game

Sporting Achievements In Recent Years


Queensland Rams Team (2nd place)
Windsor Royals A Grade Team

Queensland Rams Team
Queensland Schoolboys Team (open)
QAS Scholarship
Attended Australian Academy
Golden Glove (QLD Schoolboys Tournament)
Brisbane Boomers America Trip

Queensland Schoolboys Team
Windsor Royals Under-16 GBBB Champions

Queensland Schoolboys Team
Queensland Rams Shadow Player