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Hi, everyone. Just registered here. I live in Indianapolis,IN. Grew up in Toledo. I am in fact a Phillies fan. grew up in the 70's when the Phillies had powder blue, Carlton, Rose, Schmidt.

Came over here from a link at Philliesphans.com to a discussion about Dunn/Burrell/Schmidt. Found your discussion interesting, so thought I'd throw in my two cents.

I am a big believer that baseball is a game unique in that alomst everything about the game can be quantified. Players can be evaluated via statistics moreso than any mainstream American sport. But then there is even more! Love baseball.

In many ways the Phillies and Reds are similair teams. Look foward to many good discussions about baseball here.

Anyways, I'm not here to troll, just have intelligent baseball discussions.
Welcome dude!

I really like the Phillies this year - Garcia was a big add. The Mets will be tough though.