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Hello all,

I'm a Cards fan. Have been reading your message boards since 2000 when the Ken Griffey Jr. signing was announced. You have a great bunch of guys here. Knowledgable and erudite fans. I've finally registered because it looks like the Cards and Reds are going down to the wire this season and I just can't get enough baseball talk when the division race is this heated.

Looks like you have a very good young team here. Looking forward to the next two games and the rest of the season series.
Welcome aboard redhat,you are more than welcome to come and talk with us on our site.I just got threw watching tonight's game and it was a must win imo b/c of Carpender tomarrow.I really hope the Reds can keep this going and give the Cards a run for the division.LOL us on top of the division or close to it is something I woas'nt expecting at all but im having a blast so far.It has been way to long for us to see our beloved reds acually having a good team that is fun to watch.I look forward to watching the Reds and Cards do battle for the division this year.

I don't know how you guys do it but every year the Cards have an outstanding team that is very very tough to beat.I guess thats what happens when you have great players,coachs and a manager that knows how to win.