So Narron is gone. Yea, I guess that was the right call, someone has to take the blame and we know that WK sure wouldnt stand up and take the heat. It wouldnt matter if Sparky managed this team, no one could win with what WK has given them. Narron must have reached for the Pepto every game around the sixth inning, grabbed his weigi board, conjured up the spirits, and prayed that someone from that lousy WK bullpen could get anyone out. Body after body thrown by the wasyside as hit after hit poured down in the GAP and parks all over the national league. Narron would go out, pat them on the back and make the call to the pen, yet his relief core offered no relief, only misery. So good riddance Jerry Narron, now that you are gone look out baseball, her come the reds, because after all it was all your fault.