Yet another great time at GABP! This time I watched a split with Lohsh(sp?) pitching a superb game and a Reds win and then the Cardinals bats woke up on sunday for the win.

After both games I listened to WLW and have to wonder if any of those callers were actually at the games? This is the fourth year I've been watching the Cards play the Reds at GABP and all I've ever witnessed was an excellent atmosphere to watch baseball. Never witnessed any crap between any fans. Reds fans I've talked to have been generally knowledgeable about their team and the game. The WLW callers talked about low life Reds fans but I've never seen anything like that at the games and I've sat in different sections of the park too.

I think GABP is a fantastic park and Cincy/Covington a great place to visit. Don't know what a Fan Quality Index means but after hearing that GABP is rated very low by a caller all I can say is I've always had a great time and will continue to attend games and recommend your park to anyone that asks. True Reds fans are among the very best in baseball. Oh and whoever called in saturday night and said there isn't a rivalry between Cards and Cubs fans.....well that's just stupid! Cubs suck!

I look forward to visiting again in september!