Hello everybody, I grew up probably like most of you a Big Red Machine fan. I have been a fan for life. I live in Virginia and work for the Railroad there. I watch just about every game on MLB extra innings. It hurts me to see the team in such a mess. I dont know how to fix it but I got a couple of ideas.
First, I keep Dunn, Phillips, Hamilton, Gonzales, EE, Hopper, Freel, Harang, Bailey. With what is left I dump---yes Arroyo.
Second, if we finish with the worst record and get the first pick in the draft. Draft a MLB ready power pitcher and build the Bullpen.
Lastly, I go get a real manager. Not a cost-cutter type but one you can count on( Davy Johnson, Giradi, Mazzoni, Baylor,Baker,etc.