The players, managers, general managers and even owners come and go, and the only ones who stay the same are the fans, so maybe it's all our fault.

When it comes to contracts for managers, I favor the Walter Alston model.

Bonds home run call: "That's another rally killed..."

Who would want a manager who would want to manage this team?

If it'll help, give Brandon Phillips a leather recliner.

No matter how miserable Bob Castellini feels right now, we'd probably trade places with him.

Greg Maddux makes every slow-balling pitcher think he can win the Cy Young, Sammy Sosa makes every clueless hitter think he can learn to hit, and Sparky Anderson makes every no-name minor-league skipper think he can win the World Series.

So the pitcher was taken out of the game after the bases were loaded on bloops and errors, not because it was his fault that he was in this mess, but because he wasn't capable of getting out of it. Let's hope the new guy is lights out, but knowing the Reds bullpen, that's a lot to hope for, analogically speaking.

Kudos to RedsZone for handling the big news without crashing.