Anyone watching the current Ultimate Fighter?

It's amazing how much better of a coach Matt Serra is than Matt Hughes. Hughes thinks every fight is about him and he's got his entire stable twisted between the ears. Meanwhile Serra's guys are walking in loose and ready to throw.

I don't think I realized how bad of a coach Hughes was in UF2 because he was up against Rich Franklin, who was every bit as bad as Hughes was. Basically everyone inside that house languished with Hughes and Franklin running things. We now know Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine had plenty of talent and heart, they just needed the proper training. Joe Stevenson, Luke Cummo, Marcus Davis and Josh Burkman have all thrived since UF2, but the first three guys took about a year before they really progressed like we've seen others do from other seasons (Kendall Grove, Josh Koscheck).

I'm gaining a real appreciation for Serra's ability to give something to a group of kids who someday may be kicking his tail. It seems like Hughes needs to assert his alpha male status every 10 seconds.