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I am just starting to lose touch with some of these fighters (don't know much about Machida), too many PPV events. It will end up just like boxing if they don't do more on TV. Nobody I know has the many to spend on a PPV event every other month. Heck I can't even get most people I know to play fantasy football for a one time 20 dollar (winner take all) entry fee.
We get a group of people of about 4-8 or so and head to a local restaurant carrying the game. That way we just consider it all a night out, and if I spend $15-25 for food/beer at the restaurant while watching the fight, it's just an overall night of entertainment.

Every once and a while we also order it at home, but we do the same thing with getting a group together and splitting the cost. I think the most I've ever had to pay to order a UFC event has been about $12 since we usually have at least four or five people watching the PPV.