I put this at the end of another thread but those usually don't get nearly the response as new threads do so....

10 team redraft. 7x7 +BB & K on offense

I trade:

F. Cordero

I receive:


I'm taking a risk that Hafner will explode in the 2nd half but I think it's a worthy risk. Cordero has to go down, Abreu could recover but who knows, and Helton is good but lacks power.

My offense is what has the most room to improve. I am last in HRs and very low in RBI, R, K, and BBs.

My new offense:

C - Estrada
1B - Hafner
2B - Utley
SS - Greene
MI - Fontenot (had Bill Hall here)
3B - Atkins
OF - Bonds
OF - Wells
OF - Crawford
UTIL - Pierre
BN - Pence
BN - Lowell
BN - Braun

I'm going to try to trade Lowell or Braun for a MI and/or closer.