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Thread: In retrospect.......

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    In retrospect.......

    I was reading the 'Futures Game' thread where OBM was making glowing projections about Jay Bruce and I was reminded of how hard it is to predict the future.

    When Redszone first started it was modeled after an Astros bulletin board that featured a front page with baseball columns and a message board attached. They had a minor league column and CougarQuest and I volunteered to write a similar column for the then new Redszone. One thing that we did that was different from the Astro fans' site was we set up the format as though it was two guys talking baseball at their neighborhood bar. This was in the year 2000 and, looking at the futures thread there was only one participant of that thread (CrackerJack) that was a member of Redszone at the time. So, I thought some of you might find it interest to look at those early columns in retrospect.

    CQ went to games in L'ville and Dayton and I saw players in the California Fall League and also took in Stockton Ports games when they were the Reds high A team. I'll admit that we didn't have a great record at predicting the future. My two personal favorites were Adam Dunn and Ben Broussard. Dunn, we all know his story (to borrow from George Grand) but, honestly, I thought that Broussard would be a better overall player than AD. (Famous shrug) Oh well.... I think back on that when I reflect about Jay Bruce. Broussard had won the batting title in the CFL, tore up A ball and was leading the Southern League in batting and had very good power when he broke his wrist diving for a ball in the outfield. Despite making it to the bigs he never again was able to put up the kinds of numbers that he had before the injury. Such are the vagaries of predicting the future of minor league prospects.

    So, in retrospect, I present to you the 2000 version of Redszones' Minor League talk. I hope you find it interesting.


    CQ: Hey, rem

    Rem: Well, here we are in the Cyber Bar & Grill. While we're waiting for the bartender to get us a pitcher of Hudy, I was thinking. The minor league draft is coming up pretty soon. What do ya' think the strength of the Reds farm system is and what 'holes' do you think they should be trying to fill in the draft?

    CQ: Better tell the bartender to make it at least TWO pitchers..... Because everyone knows, you can never have enough pitchers.

    CQ: Seems like there should have been a drum roll there...anyway

    Rem: Darn! I should have been looking for that! LOL! That was a backdoor 'slider' if I ever saw one!

    CQ: The Reds are really strong in the Outfield and 1st base from single A to triple A, they have strength, don't ya think rem?

    Rem: Yeah, that's the depth of the system right there. There are some terrific prospects but, unfortunately, they're bunched in a couple of places. How do you rank the Outfielders, CQ?

    CQ: Well, let's see who we have and then discuss ranking them, what cha' think?

    Rem: Go for it big guy. I'll follow your lead.

    CQ: Lets see, we have Brady Clark, Kimera Bartee, Mike Frank, Brooks Kieschnick and DT Cromer in AAA that have seen action in the OF.

    Rem: Well, Clark could eventually become a role player. Maybe even a late-blooming Alex Ochoa. Bartee (Brother Bartee, to you ) is primarily a defensive specialist by reputation but, as you pointed out is hitting better since he stopped switch-hitting.

    Rem: Frank seems to have peaked and Kieschnick is strictly a stop-gap player in case the big team has an emergency. The real potential is at AA and lower.

    CQ: Kimera is fast and covers a lot of ground, but seeing him hit in person, it was obvious he will be nothing more than a singles hitter. He liked to hit in what I call the "T'aint land". It T'aint really in the infield and it T'aint really in the outfield, between where the SS plays and where the 2nd baseman plays. When he tried to hit it harder, it was an easy out in the outfield.

    CQ: I agree with you on Frank, and Kieschnick. Clark looked pretty solid when I saw him. He could be a role player on a MLB team.

    CQ: Ben Broussard, Andy Burress, Alejandro Diaz, Pat Watkins, and Stephen Larkin that have seen action in the OF in AA.

    Rem: Broussard, of course, has come very far very fast and he's gotten most of the 'ink'. Diaz is considered to be a 'top 5' major league center-fielder by a lot of people. The questions is, will he hit enough?

    CQ: Diaz is one that really was suppose to be something, but what is up with his 1 SB and 10 CS?

    CQ: Oh Broussard, this is one that you and I have talked alot about in the past.

    Rem: Yeah, Ben's got great bat speed and power but the thing I really like about this kid is he's got great discipline. He consistently has more walks than Strike Outs. Outstanding, for a guy with his power potential.

    CQ: Oh I really hope Ben turns out to meet our expectations, he looks like an exciting player to watch. He does show great discipline and power and average.

    Rem: As exciting as Broussard is, Adam Dunn may very well be a more complete player with even more tools. The future of the Reds in this area is in '01 and '02 when Broussard, Dunn and hopefully Kearnes start to make bids for the 'bigs'.

    CQ: Dunn is another one showing excellent discipline at the plate. Excellent average and BB.

    Rem: Dunn is a kid that's got size (6'5", 235 pounds) but combines it with speed and power. On top of it, he's got a great arm (befitting that of a major college quarterback, which he was). Since he's started concentrating on Baseball, he's come very fast. Even faster than the Reds might have thought.

    CQ: Where do you think he will end the year?

    Rem: I think Dunn will spend some time in AA. He might even get a look in Cincinnati in September, depending on what the Reds situation is then. Adam is another kid that's showing great character. When the Reds signed him to a 'baseball only' contract, one of the incentives was a call-up to Cincinnati in Sept., '99. Instead, AD went to Florida to work on his game. That showed me a lot.

    CQ: It will be fun to see Broussard and Dunn on the same team.

    Rem: BTW, if Broussard hadn't fractured his wrist, I think he would have spent the 2nd half of the season at AAA and, if he did well there, been in Cincinnati in September regardless of the Reds standings.

    CQ: That wrist fracture can have the potential to hold him back a lot
    this year.

    Rem: Getting back to Dunn for a moment, it's pretty interesting to see a guy of his size and power leading his team in SBs (11). Says a lot for his natural ability.

    CQ: And he's only been caught twice.

    Rem: Let's talk about first base a little bit. I understand you saw
    and spoke with DT Cromer the other day.

    CQ: DT was extremely nice to my kids. While my daughter and son were sitting there watching him take BP, he walks over and hands my daughter a cracked bat, then notices that she had a brother and said "oh wait, let me see if I can find you one". He walked into the dugout and came out with another bat, signed it, then signed my daughter's bat. I was amazed! While my son looked at him with a grin from ear to ear, then to me, then back to DT. My daughter, "lil Miss Shy", looked sheepishly at the bat, then they simultaneously said "Thank You!" I thanked him, then I told him I hoped to see him back at Cincinnati soon, and he just said "Thanks" and went back to BP!

    Rem: One of the things Bowden talked about when he sent DT back to L'ville was his character and how it was something that the Reds look for in a player. That's a good example.

    CQ: Well I can tell you I was impressed, he made the trip for me and my kids.

    Rem: DT's put up good numbers for several years in the minors and his stint in Cincinnati was certainly impressive. I have no doubt that some team, if not the Reds, will give him a shot at least at being a role

    CQ: He seemed very humble and it was a pleasure to see his attitude. My daughter (she being all of 6 years old) remembered his number and name throughout the day and game, she made sure I knew when he was up to bat.. .lol.

    Rem: Well, at AAA the Reds have a couple of guys (DT & Brooks) that
    are probably never going to be 'stars' but that could fill in during an
    emergency and be adequate, at least.

    CQ: I'll tell you what, Brooks is built like a football player, this
    guy has huge thighs. I was surprised at his speed in LF, for a guy built
    like he is.

    Rem: At AA, the Reds have Ron Wright, the former Pirates highly rated prospect that's coming off of 2 years of back problems. So far, he's showing why he deserved a high rating. Any thoughts on Wright, CQ?

    CQ: When the Reds picked him up, I thought this guy could be another
    reclamation project that could go either way. He has shown POWER so
    far. He is only what, 23 years old? Seems like the last time I looked he had over a 600 SLG!!!!! Isn't he leading the Lookouts in BB?

    Rem: I'm looking at the stat right now, CQ---.604. But also as
    impressive is he's drawn 22 Walks and only struck out 29 times. And yes, (LOL) he's leading the Lookouts in BBs.! Good OBP---.427.

    CQ: How much do you know about that other 1st baseman they have down there in Chattanooga, Saunders?

    Rem: Saunders was actually the SA All-Star first baseman last year.
    Right after the All-Star game he was promoted to Indy but suffered a
    season-ending injury shortly after arriving. Unfortunately, Chris is
    29 so he's too old to be considered a prospect but....Saunders can also play third (his original position) adequately and that's where he's been playing when Chattanooga needed help there.


    Rem: Hmmmm, I grew up in Cleveland and the commercial went...
    "Hey Mable, Black Label!" LOL.

    CQ: Yeah, but rem, we need pitchers!

    Rem: Yeah, CQ. And this is a good time as any to say....we need beer and not 'foam' in those pitchers! LOL

    CQ: Lol. Hey rem, how about that lefthander Casey Bookout in Dayton?

    Rem: Casey Bookout has slowed down at Dayton since the season started but the 'Book' on Bookout is that this kid can the mash the ball. The problem is that he runs like the former 280 lb Oklahoma State lineman that he was.

    CQ: And here I was expecting a turnaround in his SB and Attempts.

    Rem: Oh, you like those 'suicide missions' of Bookout's, do ya'!?!

    CQ: LOL, but God help the catcher trying to block the plate.

    Rem: Good point, CQ. That's a catcher that's looking at the 60 day DL.

    Rem: CB reminds me of former AL ROY Bob Hamlin. He can hit but it's
    unlikely that he'll play anyplace except first base. In fact, Casey
    better be sending Bud Selig e-mails supporting the DH 'cause that's where his future lies. LOL

    CQ: How about Clinton's 1st baseman?

    Rem: Speaking of 'Hunks', Simone Peters of Clinton is not exactly a
    little guy, 6-7, 235-pound first baseman, a right-handed hitter. Simone is leading the team with 9 HRs and 26 RBI's even though his average is in the .220s. His major problem is making contact. Sixty-four SO's in 158 ABs---YOW!! If he can ever get that under control, he might have a chance but........

    CQ: Thats exactly what I was thinking, 64 SO! Those free coupons for Lasik Eye Surgery didn't seem to be used. He is still trying to figure out all the off-speed pitches.

    Rem: Hey, he's got 11 Walks! ;-)

    CQ: Al Goldis, Jim Bowden's special assistant said, "When he connects,
    Peters hits it a long way. No one in baseball has more power than he
    does. He has Mark McGwire power."

    Rem: Geez, CQ! Last Call already! It's only 3:15 AM. Hmmm, what do ya' say we meet back here in a couple of days and go over the catchers and infielders. Then, in a few days we'll cover the pitchers (both with and without beer, LOL).

    CQ: Sounds good, I need to get home and pry that bat out of CQ Jr's
    hands while he's sleeping and put it back on the wall anyway.



    Rem: Hey CQ! Good to see ya again. Let’s see, it’s my turn to buy, so I had the bartender start us out with a pitcher of Hudy.

    CQ: Hey, I’ve noticed a lot of people chatting more about the minor league players, which is encouraging. And a lot of guys are really interested in the draft. I think it shows how interested people are in the Reds, both now and for the future.

    Rem: I think you’re right, CQ. The first three of these columns are meant to be a quick look at some of the better prospects in the Reds organization so that someone just starting to follow the farm kids will have a general idea of who to watch. As the season goes along, we’ll have more time to spend on individual players.

    Rem: Let’s talk about the middle infielders since they’re playing important defensive positions. At Louisville, most of the guys aren’t really long-term prospects are they?

    CQ: I can’t see any of them as long-term prospects, Rem. Chris Sexton and Jason Williams are getting most of the playing time at SS and 2nd base right now. Jason is a fireplug - he’s almost as wide as he is tall. He’s a gutsy player. He looks ready to dive for a ball anytime. If he can get to the ball, you don’t have any doubt that he’ll make the play.

    Rem: Williams always puts up good numbers with decent speed and pretty good defense but he’s never even been invited to ST with the big club. I always wondered why, but he was eligible for the rule 5 draft this winter and no one claimed him, so I guess the rest of the teams agree with the Reds assessment of him.

    CQ: Chris Sexton has been unconscious offensively all season. He’s the obvious leader of the Riverbats and I’m not just talking about his bat. He isn’t a spectacular fielder, but he’s got good leadership qualities.

    Rem: Of course, the advantage that Chris brings is his ability to play 6 positions. Unfortunately, he’s not really outstanding at any of them with his glove. His best shot at the bigs is in utility role and, right now at least, Chris Stynes has a lock on that position.

    CQ: Well, there are a couple of players in AA that I know you really want to talk about. Wilmy Caceres, why don’t you run with him first?

    Rem: Well, Caceres can run, no doubt about that. The problem has been learning when to do it - so far, 13 SBs, but he’s been caught stealing 10 times! You have to remember that he’s young and was supposed to be spending this season in A ball.

    CQ: He’s holding his own in AA though - .279 BA, 14 doubles, 2 triples. And, he’s got the added advantage of being a switch-hitter.

    Rem: He’s been playing mostly 2nd base this year after spending the second half of last year at SS. Wilmy doesn’t have near the arm as Gookie, though, and his best shot at the majors will probably be at 2nd base.

    CQ: Well, I think we all know about Travis “Gookie” Dawkins who’s considered by many to be the Reds number one prospect. He’s already a terrific fielder, but the question is if his bat will turn out to be major league caliber.

    Rem: Personally, I think TD will hit at the Major League level. He just turned 21 last month, so he’s still learning. He’s put up some decent numbers in the past, and even though he’s slumping a bit now, he seemed to make progress in the couple of weeks that he spent in Cincinnati recently. Plus, he’s got good height and will probably add another 20 pounds when he finally fills out, so he should have decent power for a SS.

    Rem: At A ball, there isn’t really anyone that stands out right now. BJ Hawes might be an interesting story. He’s got terrific speed and hit well last year in the GCL. But he’s only 18, and he’s been trying to make the transition from OF to SS. After a very slow start at the beginning of the season he was finally hitting fairly well at Dayton, but was having a lot of trouble in the field. Dayton recently sent him back to extended ST and we may see him reappear in Billings when that league starts up.

    CQ: Andy Beattie, the SS at Clinton seems to have a good bat but he’s been pretty rough in the field too with 16 errors already.

    CQ: Over at 3rd base we start with Mike Bell at AAA Louisville. He’s got a very good bat and hits with some sting to the ball, but watching him run reminded me of trying to pour syrup out of a bottle standing outdoors in the middle of January. Plus, he doesn’t have a whole lot of range in the field.

    Rem: So, are you saying we should see if that Manager in Colorado might be interested in a 3rd baseman for their AAA team? ;-)

    CQ: LOL. He might find Mike interesting. In fact, I feel confident that he would really like him!

    Rem: Hey, maybe they’ll give us Jeffrey Hammonds back.....

    Rem: We’ve got a guy at AA that isn’t the fastest either but he’s a good bat with power and that’s Brandon Larson.

    CQ: Brandon is one of those guys where people seem to fall into one camp or the other. Some think that there’s no way he won’t make it to the majors; others think that there’s no way that he will make it to the majors.

    Rem: Brandon missed most of his first 2 years with injuries, but he’s made some good progress since then. His “D” is a question mark, but he does have the power that you associate with third basemen.

    CQ: I think Brandon has the bat potential but he needs vast improvement with his fielding to make it to the majors

    CQ: Down at Dayton, Randy Stegall has been playing a lot of 3rd base and he’s hitting .322 with 14 doubles, 30 RBI and 28 BBs. But he’s already made 20 errors!

    Rem: Randy’s been playing some SS and 2nd base too so that might explain some of the errors. But, I believe, he’s also in his third season so it’s time for him to move up or move out.

    CQ: Well, when it comes to catchers I heard we’ve got some kid at Louisville named Jason, uhhh Jason, uhhh....darn, what’s his name?

    Rem: You mean the kid the Reds scouted in Cincinnati last year and they liked him so much they signed him for the Riverbats?

    Rem: Yeah, I heard that he calls a good game and doesn’t take any, ummm, ‘stuff’ from the pitchers.

    CQ: Well, I think we can count on seeing him in the majors. He may not be the long-term answer but I think we’ll see him.

    Rem: I think you’re right CQ. After Jason spent some time in Cincinnati last year some people questioned his ability with the bat. But he’d always been known as an ‘offensive’ catcher and his numbers at L’ville this year are pretty solid (.271 BA, 9 HR, 32 RBI).

    CQ: Hey, here’s something else we like - only 3 errors!

    Rem: LaRue will be at least a solid ‘platoon’ catcher in the bigs - and probably in Cincinnati next year. Anyone coming up behind him?

    CQ: How about Corky Miller at Chattanooga?

    Rem: There was some question about his bat going into this year at AA but, so far, he’s improved over the time he spent there last year currently at .270 with 10 doubles and 3 HRs.

    CQ: Only 14 SO in 137 ABs.

    Rem: He’s described as ‘scrappy’ defensively, but he seems to get the job done. He’s throwing out base runners in the high 30% range and he’s only made 5 errors.

    Rem: One interesting stat about Corky: through last year, he’d been hit by a pitch more than 30 times in less than 300 ABs. The guy can definitely take a shot!

    CQ: Sounds like a guy that just really likes pain! LOL

    Rem: And over in Dayton, we have the guy that’s my personal favorite catching prospect, Braxton Whitehead. Braxton’s been hurt for a couple of years but now that he’s healthy he’s swinging a very hot bat, currently hitting .331 with 17 doubles, 4 HR and 26 RBI. But the thing ya gotta love about Braxton is that he stuck the return to the pitcher in a hitter’s earhole - not just once but on two pitches in a row!!!

    CQ: LOL. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that!

    Rem: When Braxton’s catching, hitters don’t dig in on the pitchers OR the catchers! LOL.

    Rem: Well CQ, that about wraps up a quick look at the infielders and catchers. I hear you’re going on a little vacation, though, so we’ll have to wait and do the pitchers when you come back. Think you’ll be ready to handle a look at a dozen or more?

    CQ: Yeah, I going down to Atlanta to try to convert some of Braves fans to the only TRUE team, THE CINCINNATI REDS!!

    Rem: Well, good luck. And bring us home a souvenir - like Bruce Chen!

    CQ: I’ll see what I can do. See ya all in about a week!



    Rem: Hey! CQ! Good to see ya’ buddy! Say I hear that you’re setting up a meeting of Redszone Regulars pretty soon. Very cool idea, guy.

    CQ: Yeah! All of the ‘big’ names will be there like TeamBoone, TeamCasey, CQ, Creek14, CQ, nighthawk, CQ, Lace...did I mention CQ? LOL By the way, I brought another ‘big name’ by this evening, all the way from New Jersey, Clemson!

    Clem: Hi Rem. Good to finally meet ya’. CQ said you were working on ‘pitchers’ tonight so, being a pitcher myself, I thought I’d drop by and see if I could add something to the conversation.

    Rem: Well Clem, we’re really glad to have you. Both CQ and I have read your work here on Redszone as well as elsewhere and we’re really impressed with your insight. Unfortunately, one thing CQ failed to mention was that, when we’re talking ‘pitchers’ here at the Cyber Bar & Grill, there are a couple of different types of ‘pitchers’.

    CQ: Now wait a minute, Rem. I told Clem that we were talking ‘pitchers’ and the new guy bought ‘pitchers’. I think I made myself ‘perfectly clear’ on that. So,....oh Mabel......

    Clem: OK, you guys got me on a technicality. So, if I’m buying tonight, at least let me get the first ‘round’ of discussion in. What was that trade of Robert Averette for Brian Hunter? RA was rated as the best breaking ball in his league and had put up good numbers Averrette was always rated as a #4-#5 starter or maybe middle relief in the bigs, but to trade him away for a guy that’s nothing more than a ‘track star’ doesn’t make sense to me.

    Rem: Well, maybe by the time we finish all these ‘pitchers’ Clem has promised to bring to the table, we’ll have an explanation from Bowden.

    Clem: Wow! You guys are killer on the wallet!

    CQ: It’s just part of the job, Clem. LOL

    Rem: So Clem, who do you like in AAA?

    Clem: The guy I like best at AAA is definitely Ed Yarnell. The kid has excellent stuff and command and has won at every level (except the majors, but NY doesn’t count).

    Rem: He’s pitched well in L’ville. Do you see him making the team next year?

    Clem: Definitely. I hope he gets a call-up this year.

    CQ: What’s Ed’s best asset, in your opinion?

    Clem: I know that some organizations aren’t as high on him as I am as some teams feel that with his awkward delivery he will never be able to throw strikes but, in my opinion, his command is his best asset.

    Rem: He’s got 52 walks in 111+ innings so that’s sort of ‘middle of the road’.

    Clem: At Louisville, he’s got a SO:BB ratio better than 2:1.

    CQ: How about John Riedling?

    Clem: Riedling has been very successful since becoming a reliever and is presently on the Reds 40-man roster, I believe. Last season was a great season for John and he’s continued his success this year.

    CQ: Yep, 65 SO in 61 innings with only a .237 OBP. Pretty good numbers.

    Rem: Riedling has always looked to me like a ‘middle-reliever’. Not that that’s bad. The way managers use the position today, it’s a commodity every team needs.

    Rem: Does anyone see Scott Winchester fitting in with the Reds?

    CQ: I like Scott as a reliever and I think we will see him back this year.

    Rem: I agree (or hope) CQ. Clem?

    Clem: I, personally, would like to see Scott try starting again but I agree that his future is as a set-up manor long reliever.

    CQ: I think the Reds are trying to take it slow with him because of his surgery.

    Rem: Other than the specific pitchers we’ve talked about, my feeling is that the pitchers at L’ville right now are basically filling space and trying to make the Riverbats competitive. I don’t see any of the others making much of a difference to the Reds. Comments?

    CQ: Even Hector Mercado?

    Rem: If Mercado was important to the Reds, he would have been brought up by now. But, I’d be happy to change my mind.

    Clem: I agree completely. I don’t see anyone, except maybe Mercado and possibly Justin Atchley as a lefty reliever, that’s a real keeper or a diamond in the rough at AAA.

    CQ: Being a left-hander and only 25 years old, we’ll see Justin next year, barring trades.

    Clem: In my opinion, Atchley, Mercado or Reidling could be going the same job as Villone or Reyes.

    CQ: Atchley hasn’t impressed me so far at AAA.

    Clem: Me either and he has a history of arm problems but I only mention him because he is fairly young and left-handed.

    CQ: Moving on to AA, how about Eddie Priest?

    Rem: EP has a good record but most scouts don’t see him as an impact pitcher in the bigs. Middling stuff, hard worker but not a lot of talent.

    Clem: I can’t get a good read on Priest. He was a stud prospect as a kid, then he fell off the face of the earth. Maybe his talent level caught up to him. I have heard that he’s a great worker, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have made it this far.

    CQ: I have a concern about his wildness, 10 WP & 7 HB, but he does have 131 SO and 45 BB in 145 innings.

    Rem: Good ratio on the SO/W.

    Clem: Eddie’s also 26 years old.

    CQ: What do you guys know about Lance Davis?

    Rem: I saw him in the CFL last year and he was being used as a reliever. Low 90’s fastball, good slider, didn’t throw another kind of pitch that day. Very athletic and fielded his position well. If he’s been able add another pitch to his arsenal, he might have a shot.

    Clem: Davis to me is kind of an enigma. He is another guy who, at least to me, came out of nowhere and has been pitching very well this season.

    Rem: He’s also not very big. He’s 6’0” like Scott Williamson is 6’0”. ;-) He is left-handed though!

    CQ: Davis had a 2.30 ERA in 109 innings with 94 SO, 51 BB, only 4 HR’s, .231 OBP but 9 WP before he got the call to L’ville recently.

    CQ: Break out your wallet, Clem. Here comes Mabel.

    CQ Hey Mabel, could you stop by more often, I sensing a need for pitchers on this team.

    Clem: You guys really know how to accept an offer to pick up the tab, don’t you?

    CQ: It’s easy to get used to, Clem. Hey Rem, how about someone we were hopeful for over the winter, Terrell Wade?

    Clem: I really like Wade. I remember when he was a stud for the Braves and I think and hope that he can be our next successful rehabilitation project.

    Rem: Terrell didn’t pitch for the first third of the season but he’s made OK progress since then. Got a quick look at AAA but now he’s back at AA. He’s been used mostly in relief and I was thinking of him as a starter. But, with the Reds, any lefty pitcher is of interest.

    CQ Does Bo Donaldson have a future as a reliever with his 24 Saves, 3.39 ERA and .206 OBP? Or how about Teddy Rose with numbers like 0.97 ERA, 48 SO in 37 inning and a .156 OBP?

    Clem: I really like Donaldson but he’s 26 so he might be too old for the league. I place Donaldson and Rose in the same boat in terms of their demeanor. Both of them are pretty confident guys and want the ball. Rose had some time in AAA earlier this year and didn’t do too badly but he’s really come around in Chattanooga.

    Rem: Donaldson is a bit of a ‘trick’ pitcher in that he has a sidearm/submarine type of delivery, a little bit like Stan Belinda. Sometimes those kind of guys find a role because they can give a hitter a different look. I like Bo’s SO ratio (76 in 59 innings) but his 41 walks cause concern for a closer.

    Rem: Rose, on the other hand, is pretty much your standard ‘hit it if ya’ can’ type guy.

    Clem: I do like the fact that the Reds have moved some of their young guys up to AA. Jim Manias and Brian Rieth both moved up recently.

    CQ: Yeah. Manias had a pretty nice record at Dayton and seems to have pretty good stuff. He’s gotten scored on a bit in Chattanooga but despite a 4.10 ERA hitters are only batting .238 against him. Plus he’s struck out 32 in just 26 innings.

    Clem: Rieth was just moved up too. He’s the guy that came over in the trade for Denny Neagle and everyone’s got big hopes for him. He’s only made one appearance so far at AA but his record was very good in A ball. He’ll be someone to watch the rest of the season.

    Rem: The other guy at Chattanooga that everyone will be watching closely is David Gil, our 3rd round pick from this year. He’s only pitched 9 innings so far but he’s only allowed 5 hits and 2 runs while striking out 10. Nice start, hope he keeps it up.

    CQ: Ya’ know, Mabel’s making faces at us and I think she’s trying to tell us it’s time to clear the bar. How about we get together a little after the A and Rookie League seasons end and cover those pitchers then. It’ll be a little easier to get a read on them then.

    Rem: That’s a good idea, CQ. Clem, don’t forget to leave Mabel a nice tip so that we can invite you back again next time.

    Clem: Hey, I really enjoyed it guys but, the way you guys go through pitchers, I don’t know if I can afford to come back!

    Rem: Don’t worry Clem, CQ will get it next time.

    CQ: What! Hey, I thought I got it last time.....


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    Re: In retrospect.......

    Good reading rem.

    I like the idea of a front page for articles or RZ endorsed blogs and news.

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    ― Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes

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