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Well, he might be right around #10. BA didnt include Phil Hughes, although he may not be eligible because was was on the roster for so long even though injured.

My top 10 would probably look like this:
1. Jay Bruce
2. Justin Upton

3. Evan Longoria
4. Homer Bailey
5. Clayton Kershaw
6. Clay Bucholz
7. Adam Jones
8. Jacob McGee
9. Joba Chamberlain
10. Colby Rasmus

The next few guys would include Maybin, Davis and Wood. I just cant justify a guy who needs to learn to hit still as the #3 prospect in baseball. His upside is very high, but there comes a point when your upside needs to be closer to being reached and I don't see any improvement in Camerons game from last season to this season.... and thats not good because he was and still is fairly raw.
Cameron Maybin 2006: .304 BA/.387 OBP/.457 SLG
Cameron Maybin 2007: .303 BA/.396 OBP/.466 SLG

He's not hitting?