I recently read that Justin Germano was a contender for Rookie of the Year. He was in our minor league system last year, and Krivsky traded him for one our relievers. I went ahead and looked at his stats on the San Diego Padres website, and here they are. He is 5-3 with a 3.90 era in 11 starts. He has pitched 64.2 innings in his 11 starts, with 13 walks and 33 strikeouts. I hope if Krivsky has learned anything in the last year, it is you don't trade AAA starters for 35-year old relievers who may be gone in a year or two. The Reds could have used Justin Germano in the back end of the rotation this year. He would have had a lot of competition to make the team, but he showed glimpses of this last year in the couple of starts he had for Cincinnati.