I was sad to hear that Lady Bird Johnson died yesterday. I always wanted to write her a note; an idea I first had as my family and I drove out to DC for a vacation and saw the beautiful wildflowers planted throughout the medians in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. We haven't traveled much, but as we've gone to various destinations, we've seen the results of her pushing to beautify America's highways. A wonderful legacy to be remembered by.


Mrs. Johnson developed her own public projects. She was an early supporter of the environment and, in championing highway beautification, worked to banish billboards and plant flowers and trees.

The Lady Bird Johnson Park in Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, is an outgrowth of her First Lady’s Committee for a More Beautiful Capital. She founded the $10 million National Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Tex., which opened in April 1995 and changed its name to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in 1998. The center conducts research and provides information on plants, landscaping and conservation.