My job is a rather obscure one; I audit companies' freight bills for overcharges. Down through the years, I've seen shipments going to various famous folks' homes.

I even one time did an audit of the Reds bills even had a signed contract with them (hence I could honestly say I had a contract with the Reds). I never cancelled it after they stopped sending the bills so my secretary could truthfully say I was at a clients' when I went to a Business Day Special! One of the bills I saw there was Bill Gullickson's moving bill after he came over to the Reds.

That said, this afternoon, I'm leafing through the bills and came across a shipment going to Dusty Baker - apparently he's putting in a tennis court!

Since we hold this information confidential, I can't tell everybody where he lives.

(P.S. I can say he's not building a place around here!)