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Hmm, spotty control, lack of movement, loss of velocity -- those are the sorts of things that happen when a pitcher gets injured.

For all this talk about Homer's attitude, I'm a lot more worried his elbow's about to pop or that his shoulder's about to fray.
That's my feeling too, unfortunately.

Not that there wasn't a big enough question mark hanging over the Reds for how they handled him with his promotion last month, but now that same question mark looms even larger. Nobody knows for certain if we'd be seeing the same signs of injury had the Reds kept Bailey down in Louisville all along, but all they did was heighten the risk by bringing him up and letting Narron get his hands on him, and now he's coincidentally appearing to be injured. Sadly, much of what the Reds have done with this kid over the last five weeks has been nothing less than totally irresponsible, and now it already looks like the team may be paying the ultimate price for some of those mistakes.