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I'm not saying that he should have those problem areas fixed by now, but I find it disspointing that he has not taken a positive stride in either area. He is still basically the exact same putcher he was last season.
I agree with you to an extent, but I saw Bailey really improving in his last few start at AAA before his promotion. His BBs started dropping and he was striking 'em out at a very nice rate, while keeping his anemic ERA low. The problem is, he now has to make his improvements against the toughest level of competition. Just like any golfer will tell you it's a heckuva lot easier going from a 30 handicap to a 25 than from 5 handicap to scratch, it's tougher for Bailey to make that final leap now that he's facing MLB hitters. It may be disappointing for some, but I see it as normal progression for a still very young pitcher.