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Gonzalez back on bereavement

Alex Gonzalez was a late scatch from the lineup. He was placed on the bereavement list. He's returned home to attend to his infact son, who is ill again.

Gonzalez missed five days in April to be with the boy.

Pedro Lopez started at shortstop in Gonzalez's absence. It was Lopez's first action as a Red.
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You know, these problems with his child have to have an effect on his concentration.

It's probably why he's made an uncharacteristic amount of errors this season.

You really have to feel for the guy.

They are far from uncharacteristic

Throughout his career his 162 games average is 22.39, he ever has been that good with a glove, he had one good season and it was a contract season for him

Last year SS on the Reds had 696 total chances, lets assume your everyday SS fields 91% of them, with AG's career Fpct he would have made over 20 errors

Cincinnati media spun it as he was a great fielding SS which he is not, his career Zone Rating is only .842

But AG has proved that GABP can turn just about any hitter into almost 30 HR guy