This is from the Strike Zone column on Rotoworld, from the blurb about the Twins.

Minnesota - With no return for Rondell White in sight, the Twins are going to give Garrett Jones a chance to play regularly against right-handers. He'll hit the occasional homer, but he'll probably struggle to a .220-.240 average and a sub-.300 OBP. The Twins have been slow to address their needs, but they still figure to add a bat before the deadline. Whether it'll be a third baseman or an outfielder-DH type remains unclear. Mike Piazza would be a very nice fit, even if he wouldn't knock Nick Punto out of the lineup. They don't appear to be interested in Sammy Sosa. Edwin Encarnacion might not make as much of a difference as Piazza this year, but indications are that he's available and he could be a long-term third baseman for the Twins. Ö Matt Garza impressed in his first start of the year against the White Sox and is set to remain in the rotation over Kevin Slowey. It'd be tough to use him with the Tigers and Angels on the schedule this week, but he's a big-time sleeper in AL-only leagues for the rest of the season.
Given the current Freel playing 3B controversy and the fact that the Twins are involved, this will probably start the site buzzing. Personally, I don't see it but if the Reds were to get back Garza or Slowey it wouldn't be awful. My fear is that it would be Scott Baker (Miltonesque HR Rates) or a middle reliever. Minnesota has some decent relievers, but EdE is worth more than that IMO. It doesn't make sense for EdE to be sitting if the Reds are trying to show him off for a trade (unless of course its past that point and he is sitting in anticipation of a deal being imminent).

Have at it.