What do you think is the best approach to scouting/drafting/developing pitchers?

Do you focus your efforts on....

18 year old high school prospects?

college level pitchers?

I was listening to the Reds-Braves game the other night and they were talking about the Bravres organizational approach to not only drafting primarily 18 yr olds; but sticking to a strict and precise development program beginning in the Rookie League.

And then there was the Beane approach talked about in MoneyBall, where he preferred college level pitchers due primarily to the issue of maturity/experience gained. There's a risk when you draft an 18 yr old because you really don't know what you're going to get because the kid has yet to really, physically, mature ("fill out"). And success at the high school level means very little unless you're really looking at the competition they are facing.

So what are your thoughts on this issue?