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While I understand what you are saying, and tend to agree - last year's WS winners was the Cardinals, who were 83-78. Anything can happen once you get into the post-season.

But there is no way, IMHO, the Reds will come even close this year. Their only hope is to try and finish with some sort of "respectability" - if that is even possible in this division - and play for the sake of their pride (if they have any).

Should they be playing like they can get back into this thing? Absolutely! But from a FO's perspective, even if this team recovers somewhat, they need to realize that much is needed to be done, and not allow any "success" they may have in this second half to dissuade them otherwise. Don't allow themselves to be deceived.
True about the Cards. But as we see this year, they aren't what they looked like last year. Instead of trying to catch lightning in a bottle for that one magical season I'd rather try to build a talented team. Luck might get you through one season, but talent gets you through more.